Exclusive Opportunity Beginning 3rd April!
Are you Struggling to get your fitness back on track?
Starting any kind of new routine or activity in your life is never easy. This can be especially true of things related to fitness.

Achieving a reasonable standard of fitness can make a huge difference to your life.

The big question is, how can we change?

The difference between thinking and doing could be the difference between life and death...with more people on planet Earth now dying from obesity than from starvation.

The struggle is real and most of us can't find the time, energy or money to get back in shape...

So here’s what we’ve decided to do…
We created a VALUE PACKED program specifically for people just like you who are ready to start their fitness journey!
So we’re running a 6 week Restart - Commit to be Fit Challenge” where it is your turn to step up grow and become part of an amazing community.

This challenge is for all adults men and women 25 years and older.

In this program, here’s what’s going to happen…
  • Throughout the week, students will be placed in real-life scenarios, training your mind and body to respond accordingly. 
  • Classes will teach how to train your mind, body and nutritional input
  • And includes expert guidance every step of the way including...
  •   Phil Britten's 'Undefeated' Book
  •   Training in our professional Martial Arts Gym
  • Our 'Street Defense' Workshop
  • Club T-shirt for new members
  • Nutritional Workshop including discounted one on one consultations
  • 'Commit to Be Fit' journal to help you through your challenge
  • An exclusive Facebook Group to share your journey
  • And…Accountability Meetings to keep you on track
$99 For individuals or Two for $150
$99 For individuals or Two for $150
Total Package Value $450
Total Package Value $450
  • On the final week there will be a celebration party - hand out of certificates, food and a motivational talk to make sure you are set for life...
  • This workshop will be an awesome opportunity to test out what you have learn throughout the weeks in areas such as fitness, self defense and nutrition to be confident in your ability to continue your new life as a confident healthy person.
You will also be surrounded by people just like you who are taking this chance to create a whole new life of health and confidence.

That means they are not only going to be “Fit for Life”, they are going to be “Friends Forever”. 

So when will the training begin?
We’re holding this program for 6 weeks from the 3rd April 2018 at all our branch centres.
That means traveling to and from the class will be easy because you can pick the centre closest to you.
  • Myaree : 48 McCoy Street
  • Greenwood: 15B Canham Way
  •  Currambine: Unit 4, 1 Hobson Gate
OK, so how do I apply?
Click the “Apply NOW” button below and fill out your details. Once submitted, one of our team members will get in touch with you within the next 48 hours to book your appointment. Simple!
Bring a mate!
Oh, and we all know companionship can boost learning. So if you know somebody who'll want to make the course, feel free to invite them to come along. 

Like we said earlier, enjoying the process is key, so if you have a friend to bring along why not...but if you don't you'll be sure to find new ones there. So if you want somebody to come along, simply get them to apply and register their details with us so we can book your appointments.

And if you're thinking of registering more than one person, just let our team member know when we get in touch.

It's even more value when you register with a mate...just ask for details!

Graham McDonnell
Note from Director's Desk:

You only need to watch the news every day to know that people are struggling with busy lives, but that doesn't mean you can't be fit and enjoy the process.

There are so many easy excuses to make, but it comes down to one thing...

Are you willing to step up...yes or no?

Every time I see or hear something like this, I get inspired to change lives through fitness, what a difference it would be if we could help people become the best versions of themselves, and what an impact that would have to the community.

So please don’t make the mistake of passing this opportunity. 

We are running the “THE 6 WEEK RESTART CHALLENGE” at all our branch centres to help as many people from the ages of 25 years up reach their internal and external fitness goals in 2018

Remember, this is your chance to feel more confident and live a more healthy.  

So let’s make the most of it.

Click the button below to apply for a spot NOW and be sure to tell all your family and friends so they can use this opportunity as well.

Together, let’s make our community grow.

Graham McDonnell